At OGI ConsultAction, we believe in the significant impact of leaders within organizations, in the immense potential and the true desire for the accomplishment of all and we consider continuous learning as an agent for excellence. Those are the values upon which all our training products are based.

LeadAction Series

OGI ConsultAction offers a series of five 3-hour coaching sessions to organization leaders.

By combining the use of psychometric instruments to the coaching sessions, this series is an excellent way to explore and clearly identify the leaders’ professional development needs while also defining the benefits of engaging in a personal coaching process to fully self-realize.

The psychometric instruments address emotional intelligence, personality types, leadership styles, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution modes.

Most sessions are available either individually or in groups.



In alignment with its values and to maximise the impact of its programs for the individual, OGI ConsultAction encourages clients who wish to engage in a professional development program to combine it with a coaching process.

  • Effective leadership through self-awareness
  • Integrated change management
  • Optimizing organizational strengths

Effective Leadership Through Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is key to effective leadership. Executive with true self-awareness manage to take advantage of their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Therefore, they have higher credibility; they develop stronger relationships; they become more effective decision-makers and they demonstrate a greater openness to differences and new ideas.

Our « Self-awareness through effective Leadership » program includes:

  • one orientation to self-awareness session;
  • three group sessions on personality type, on your interpersonal relationships orientation and your lifestyle preferences, using the MBTI, FIRO-B and LSI instruments;
  • one individual session on emotional intelligence using EQi 2.0; and
  • one integration session.

Integrated Change Management

You most probably have already heard the following: “The only constant in organizations is change”. If this is the case, then it becomes essential for any organization aiming at excellence to build its capacity to manage change and to integrate it in its way of doing things on a daily basis.

In addition to being exposed to the fundamentals and concepts governing changes in our “Integrated change management” program, you will learn how to:

  • Be a change leader
  • Define the optimal positioning for your organization;
  • Integrate a transition strategy to your business plan;
  • Engage members of your organization; and
  • Adopt a continuous transition approach.

Optimizing Organizational Strengths

Your organization already possesses a wealth of qualities, capacities and competencies, that is, strengths that allow it to operate at the current level of effectiveness. Imagine then what your organization could look like if all those strengths were harnessed to their full potential.

That’s what our “Optimizing organizational strengths” program offers. It will allow you to bring out to light the strengths of your organization, to imagine a desired future where these strengths would be fully developed and put to work, and to engage members into taking action and reach their full potential.

This training, which is based on the fundamentals of appreciative inquiry, provides you with an innovative approach to carry forward major changes and to build a type of organization you could only dream of up to now.


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