For some of our interventions, we use a series of psychometric methods, tools or other to ensure accurate diagnostics and targeted actions. Following are some of those tools that are recognized worldwide for their validity, reliability and effectiveness, and for which we are certified. It is important to note that all are available both in English and in French.

AccumenOrganization Culture Inventory® (OCI®)

The OCI allows organizations to define its current organizational culture and its desired one at the same time. It helps members of the organization to identify the behaviours that they believe are required to succeed.


Leadership WorkStyles ™

This instrument allows leaders to understand their thinking process and the behaviours that influence their leadership style. By highlighting the benefits and the challenges brought on by their own style, this tools guides  the leader’s development to ensure personal and organizational success.

MBTIMyers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) – Steps I & II

This tool is without a doubt one of the most renowned psychometric instruments in the world. It allows to identify the different personality types. The versatility of this instrument not only helps members of a group to know their own type but also to understand and appreciate the value of all the other existing personality types.

EQiEmotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0 ®)

This psychometric tool allows you privileged access to the many dimensions of your emotional intelligence.  The power of this tool not only resides in a better understanding of each element of your emotional intelligence but also a better appreciation of the interdependency between these elements. This tool is an excellent complement to coaching.

Thomas KillmanThomas-Kilmann Conflict Resolution Mode Instrument

Conflicts within organizations are as costly on the human plan as they are financially.  This tool helps to understand the different approaches to conflict resolution, to discover our predominant style and to choose knowingly the best approach according to the situation.


Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™ (FIRO-B®)

For most of us, interpersonal relations are somewhat mysterious and very often the cornerstone of our successes, both personal and collective. FIRO-B helps us to  understand the underlying needs which directly influence our interpersonal relations and it also offers paths for development.


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