Based on our strong belief that leaders are the corner stone of organizations’ success, we focus our attention on leadership development. We therefore start by clearly identifying the needs of our clients and their organization to offer them a range of bilingual services that are best suited to their situation, keeping leadership development at the heart of all our interventions.  We then proceed, in concert with the client, using proven and tested processes and tools, mindful of the values that guide our work.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a systemic process that allows organizations to position themselves in relation to their constantly evolving environment in order to attain its short, medium and long-term expected outcomes.

This positioning takes in consideration existing forces both within the organization and from its external environment.

In addition to being action and result oriented, our approach is anchored in dialog, respect, openness and engagement from the leadership and the members of the organization as a whole.

Transition Strategy

A transition strategy provides an integrated and systematic intervention approach which allows organizations to deal effectively with changes.

Our model relies on a clear definition of the desired future, a systemic view of the organization, a thorough analysis of forces and factors at play and an action-based direction to ensure the engagement of the members of the organization.

Our approach to transition management is guided by nine principles: direction, foundation, intention, adaptability, time, ownership, people, participation, and momentum.

Services for Organizations

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