Based on our strong belief that leaders are the corner stone of organizations’ success, we focus our attention on leadership development. We therefore start by clearly identifying the needs of our clients and their organization to offer them a range of bilingual services that are best suited to their situation, keeping leadership development at the heart of all our interventions.  We then proceed, in concert with the client, using proven and tested processes and tools, mindful of the values that guide our work.

Executive and Professional Coaching

Coaching is a developmental approach which allows individuals to expand their self-awareness, to optimize their effectiveness in the workplace or in their personal life, and to realize their full potential.

Through dialogue and practice people are invited to determine what they aim to achieve, connect with their values, review and challenge their beliefs and their thinking processes, and commit to actions leading to their desired results.

Coaching is based on respect, commitment from both the coach and the coachee, and confidentiality.


Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is a group learning process whose objective is to allow each member to obtain innovative results.

The process involves a group of 4 to 8 members who meet on a regular basis to discuss real and current issues, to undertake desired actions and to learn both from the individual and collective perspectives throughout the process.

Supported by a coach, peer coaching is based on respect, active listening, reflection, sharing and commitment towards action.

Services for Individuals

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